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Reviews of Pigs Under The Post Office

By GabGab:
A wonderfully fun book for children and adults alike! My two-year-old, my husband and I thoroughly enjoy Kristin's whimsical words and Matthew's lively pictures. Fun for the whole family! During this day and age, where Post Offices are closing around the country, this book teaches kids about the Post Office's relevance and keeps an important American tradition alive. Keep 'em coming!

By Mrs. V.
While reading (as a volunteer) to a class of kindergarten students, I had to stop midway because an excited little boy looked around and exclaimed to his classmates, "This is a great book!"

By AuntieMameFlorida "Travelholic"
This whimsical, light-hearted book is marvelous. The story is endearing, the rhyming engaging, and the illustrations perfectly suited to the material. It will be one of those "let's read this again, please" books. It's also sturdy and well-published; thus great for gift giving.

By Mom H
I love this book! Kristin does an excellent job of verse, wonderful characters and postal relevance. Matthews work pops off the pages. The detail is amazing. Sharing this book with everyone!