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The Author - Kristin Van Aken

The author: Kristin Van Aken was born in Ridgway Pa . As a child she loved animals ,her big brother loved teasing her about pigs. Later in life she became a vegetarian and often rescued dogs,cats,goats and chickens.She attended The University of Vermont ( pre-veterinarian program) and Johnson State College ,receiving a BFA in dance. She taught and performed dance ,was associate director of the Johnson Dance Ensemble and co created the dance company,Worldwind Dance. She has worked for the USPS for 27 years and has been the Postmaster of Passumpsic VT since 1994. Along with having pigs under the post office she has had turkeys,chickens,dogs,goats. She has 2 sons,Jonas and Elan, daughter in law ,Melissa, Elysha, two grand pups,Quokka and Wally. Currently she lives in the Northeast Kingdom of VT with her husband,Michael and 2 labs, Carmen and Raisen.

The Illustrator - Matthew Gauvin

Matthew was born in Vermont and spent five years in Boston studying at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. In his short career he's illustrated twelve books and won a number of art awards throughout his life. He now lives in Vermont with his wife Barb. They have a Beagle named Biscuit alternately known as "Frog Dog", for his uncanny ability to look like a frog with his back legs sprawled out behind him, a cross eyed cat named Snowball, a clumsy cat named Tigger, and a third cat named Wicket, affectionately nicknamed "Sticky Wicky" for all the times he got stuck up a sappy pine tree. See more at http://www.matthewgauvin.com/